our business is growing yours

our business is growing yours

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Smart and ambitious, yet patient and reliable

thinc.capital is an independent investment company. Built on strong win-win partnerships, perseverance and with a keen eye on the future.

We grow companies

close collaboration

thinc.capital wants to help companies with strong fundamentals and growth potential by investing in them and by supporting them. Close collaboration with the management is key. We add economic value while injecting those companies with our experience & deep expertise, combined with access to an extensive network and tailored hands-on support.

our know-how

Throughout the years we have gained a thorough understanding of a wide range of sectors. We focus on how to successfully roll out business models to grow either organically or via a buy & build strategy.

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The faces behind thinc.capital

Just like any successful business, thinc.capital is driven by a team of passionate specialists who share our vision.

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